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Voices of Hida

Discover the history and culture of Hida Furukawa


Hida in Video

Follow our collection of short, bite-sized travel videos giving you a glimpse into what to expect on a visit to Hida City. Our reporter takes you on a journey to discover Hida's traditional culture, local charm and idyllic natural environments.

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Outdoor Adventures

Hida's exhilarating activities

Walk on the wild side

From climbing up a mountain to see panoramic views of Hida City to riding your way across the city to see a different side of Hida City ー Hida is full of fun and exciting activities. If you are up for an exhilarating adventure and see Hida City from a different perspective, be sure to check them out!

Getting to Hida City

Easy and wallet-friendly way

Hida Access

Did you know that you can travel to Hida using the JR PASS? JR PASS is an easy and affordable way to travel and Hida is included as one of the destinations! You can visit Hida after a trip in Japan's Kansai region or travel directly from the Kanto area, like Tokyo. Once you get to Hida, you can explore by bus, rental bicyles, walking or even hire a rickshaw ー many different ways depending on your purpose and destination!

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Izakaya Tour

Enjoy a night out in Hida Furukawa

When in Takayama...

If you are in Hida Takayama for a few days and have already explored and enjoyed yourself to the fullest and want something different to do, then make sure you check out the Izakaya tour to Hida Furukawa! The tour includes return bus tickets, a souvenir and a ¥3,000 voucher to use at your choice of Izakaya in Hida Furukawa. The bus ride is just under 30 mins and you will soon be in this beautiful, peaceful, and charming town. Enjoy exploring then go and enjoy your meal at an izakaya of your choice!

Food & Drinks

Foodies Street Tour

Street foods of Hida like no other

Uncover Hida's food specialities

Walking around Hida comes with many benefits. One is that you can find many delightful delicacies in every corner. From savory to sweet, you name it, they have them all! Using Hida's specialities such as Hida beef, egoma or wild sesame, they have street foods like no other. If you are a foodie, make sure you create a check list of what to have in Hida as there is so much deliciousness to choose from!

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Explore Gifu's Hida Region

Shirakawa-go, Takayama & Hida

A journey to Hida opens up a world of possibilities with a visit to Japan's heartland in Gifu prefecture, with a wealth of relaitvely hidden travel gems waiting to be discovered