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Yui Rickshaw

飛騨古川人力舎 維

For a traditional and authentic experience of Hida Furukawa, visitors can ride through the historic streets on rickshaws. These man-pulled, two-wheeled carriages were invented in Japan during the late 19th century and were a common and inexpensive mode of transportation.

The pickup spot for the rickshaw rides starts near the Festival Square, which in itself is a peaceful spot to explore when it is not bustling with activity during the Furukawa Festival. This area is located in the heart of Hida Furukawa and only about a six minutes walk from Hida-Furukawa Station. The rickshaw pullers guide guests through the picturesque streets, passing notable sights such as the Seto Canal and white-walled storehouses (Shirakabe Dozogai). For an all-encompassing cultural experience, visitors can rent kimonos from Ohbora Kimono Shop to wear during their ride to further enhance their exploration of Furukawa. 

Essential Information


3,000 yen for two-seater rickshaw


Irregular holidays

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