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Mishima Japanese Candleshop


The Mishima Japanese Candleshop has been in business for over 240 years and is run by its current seventh-generation owner, Junji Mishima, who runs it with his son.

The Japanese candles (Wa-rousoku) created here are all entirely vegan and handmade via traditional methods. The ‘Kigake’ pure candles are 100% organic and plant-based, using wax derived from the wax tree’s fruit, because they were traditionally made for Buddhist temples (which forbid the use of animal-based products).

Such Japanese candles are well known for their unique characteristics: as well as a permanent flicker to the flame, they are slow-burning, produce little smoke, resistant to the breeze and good at preventing wax from dripping.

It is worth stopping by to try and catch Mishima-san making the candles inside his shop, which can make the ideal Hida Furukawa souvenir.

Mishima Japanese Candleshop

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Wednesdays, January 1st to 3rd


A 5-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

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