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Privacy & Cookies Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the use of private information collected through accessing (hereafter referred to as 'this Website'). We are committed to being fully transparent with the type of private information collected, as well as protecting both your privacy and the confidentiality of any private information collected.

Types of Private information

Information you provide us

Private information means any personally identifiable information such as addresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses — e.g. via a website form or direct communication with Hida City.

Information automatically collected

When accessing the Hida City Website and its services, the following non-personal identifiable information may automatically be collected including Internet domain names, IP addresses, server logs (regarding how the website is being used), and technical info (like browser/device information) — hereafter, 'User Information'.

How we use your Private Information

We guarantee the safety of collecting, using and managing personal information, and use it only for the purpose of answering the relevant questions by our users.

Regarding personally identifiable information among information collected from our users, except in some cases prescribed by laws and regulations, we will never provide to a third party without the prior consent of the user in question.

User Information

The collected User Information does not include any private information, is limited to content for the purposes of improvement of usability, and will only be used within that scope. However, statistically processed access information collected by this Website and information on viewing environment, etc. can be publicized.

Cookie Policy

This policy outlines what cookies our website uses, how we use them and information about how to opt out of these cookies if you wish to do so.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data—code kept in text files—that are stored on your computer or other device (including smartphone, tablet etc) when a website is loaded in a browser. They store information about a user's visit, allowing websites to remember your preferences and personalise your experience.

Cookies perform many core functions to provide a consistent and seamless browsing experience for visitors, including allowing users to register and remain logged in to a website. They can also collect non-personal information about your device, your IP address, operating system and browser, as well as information on how you interact with a site.

Cookies may include:

  • First-party cookies: those set by Hida City when you visit our website
  • Third-party cookies: those set by third parties when visiting our website e.g. to help optimise advertising the effectiveness of our advertising and promotional areas
  • Session cookies: those that last the duration of your current, browser session.
  • Permanent cookies: those that are stored to your device for a set period of time, or until explicitly removed.

What types of cookies do we use?

Name Type Description Opt-out

Google Analytics
(_gid, _ga~,_gat)

Site analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc.

Google Analytics sets cookies in order to allow us to evaluate and report on the use of our website. It is widely used across the web and all data is anonymised meaning the cookies carry no personally identifiable information.

These cookies help us to better understand our visitor's behaviour and allow us to make improvements to better our user's experience.

To learn more, please visit: Google's site.

Google provides an opt-out browser add-on (extension) which you can download here.

Facebook Pixel


We use Facebook Pixel to show you interest-based marketing content from our partner brands and advertisers. Data collected by Pixel may be anonymised and aggregated to help improve our website.

More information:

Exercise your opt-out choices by visiting:

(_hjid, _hjFirstSeen)
Site analytics

Hotjar is an analytics and feedback tool that allows us to understand how our users use the website, gather feedback and improve usability.

Hotjar sets cookies that help sites track behaviour across multiple pages and control visitor polls and feedback widgets – all information is anonymised and does not record any personally identifiable information.

Users can choose to opt-out from any tracking by Hotjar by changing their setting via Hotjar's one-click opt-out tool.
(laravel_session, XSRF-TOKEN)
Application framework cookies that are necessary to ensure a smooth browsing experience on the website.


Note: Most browsers allow you to manage cookie settings. These settings can usually be found in the ‘Settings’, ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu of your browser. We provide below links to guidance for each of the most common browsers: