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Watanabe Sake Brewery


Surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges and blessed with a supply of some of the purest water in Japan, Watanabe Sake Brewery (established in 1870) is leading the way in promoting Gifu's long-standing relationship with sake. 

Located in Hida's Furukawacho district, Watanabe Sake Brewery is steeped in history and creates some award-winning nihonshu such as the Hourai brand which has attracted customers and acolytes the world over. With a sake tasting plan in place for visitors to sample, the brewery is a must-visit destination when in Hida Furukawa. 

Now in its ninth generation of owners, Watanabe Sake Brewery exports its sake around the world in addition to, naturally, having a loyal fanbase in Japan. The beautiful and historic brewery building is also a registered tangible cultural property. 

Peeking inside the Watanabe Sake Brewery
Peeking inside the Watanabe Sake Brewery

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A 5-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

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