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Furusato Meat Shop


Furusato Meat Shop is a Hida beef butcher shop in the Ichinomachi area of Hida Furukawa. Furusato has perfected its aging technique thanks to over 30 years of experience and has adapted with changing technologies to integrate best practices into its work.

The shop sells a wide range of top grade Hida beef — the region’s famous variant of Japanese wagyu beef that is prized for its marbling, tenderness and flavor. At Furusato, different cuts, thicknesses, and weights are available to purchase. Furusato supplies a number of local restaurants but also ships nationwide. For foodies and meat connoisseurs who are interested in preparing their own Hida beef, the Furusato Meat Shop is the ideal place to start.

Furusato Meat Shop

Essential Information


Meat prices vary depending on the cut of beef and weight.

  • 10am–12pm
    • 3pm–6pm



Furusato Meat Shop is a 5-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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