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Tanoshita Confectionery Store


Tanoshita is a traditional Japanese confectionery store that has been serving the local community since 1950.

Take your time enjoying the handmade, seasonal sweets and green tea (or coffee), with seating available inside the cosy, warm interior complete with traditional stove. The Ichigo Daifuku (rice cake stuffed with cream, sweet bean paste and strawberry) is a popular option, as well as the Mugikko (a kind of sweet bun stuffed with Hokkaido red bean paste and chestnut) which pairs well with green tea. The miniature Japanese garden outside adds the perfect touch to any visit.

With many souvenir options available, Tanoshita is an ideal stop before leaving Hida Furukawa.

Tanoshita Confectionery Store

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A 15-minute walk south of Hida-Furukawa Station.

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