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Inohiro Confectionery Store


Inohiro, established in 1908, is known for its Miso wheat crackers (Miso Senbei) baked in a traditional style that is largely unchanged since its inception. 

The crackers are made using select Japanese ingredients, with multiple varieties finished with toppings that complement the base miso. Try wild sesame, ginger, sweet potato, green tea—or even coffee. 

The miso crackers can be bought as small batches, or individually wrapped in a gift set, ideal for sharing as a souvenir.

The beautiful machiya-style shop can be found in the Ninomachi area, between Hida’s main station and Miyagawa River.

Miso senbei wheat crackers
Miso senbei wheat crackers

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New Year’s Day


An 8-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

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