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Patisserie Ohkubo


Patisserie Ohkubo is a well-known confectionery store that offers a wide range of Japanese seasonal sweets making great use of Hida’s local ingredients. In business for over 120 years.

Try the Sakura Mushi-dora (a steamed type of Dorayaki pancake filled with red bean paste with an accent of cherry blossom) or in summer the ice-cream version is also recommended. They also sell the famed Funabashi monaka snack — modeled on the historical small boats that would line up like a bridge along the nearby Miyagawa River. Try their famous peach kaki-goori in summer, which is the Japanese version of shaved ice. There is also an eat-in space inside the store, where you can enjoy matcha and sweets.

Patisserie Ohkubo

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A 7-minute walk south of Hida-Furukawa Station.

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