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Hida-Furukawa Station


Hida-Furukawa Station was opened in October 1934 and serves as a stop on the JR Takayama Main Line, which connects Gifu City to the south with Toyama Prefecture to the north.

It is the main station for visitors to Hida Furukawa thanks to its proximity to the old town district. A number of hotels and ryokans can be found near the station, with many of Hida Furukawa's attractions also within a short walking distance.

In recent years, the station itself has become a popular location with anime fans around the world, thanks to its association with several scenes in the 2016 anime hit movie, Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). Various areas around the station inspired actual scenes in the film, with the panoramic view over the railtracks from a nearby overpass one of the most well-known spots to animation fans.

Meet the Hida beef PR mascot, Hidakuro-kun, in real-life
Meet the Hida beef PR mascot, Hidakuro-kun, in real-life

Outside the station, you'll find a sightseeing map to help new arrivals get their bearings, as well as a small Tourist Information Center for stocking up on useful maps or pamphlets. A taxi rank outside can help with making local connections.

Outside the main station building
Outside the main station building

Essential Information


From Takayama: Hida-Furukawa Station is a 15 minute train ride north of Takayama. It's just 3 stops.

From Toyama: Hida-Furukawa Station is a 1 hr 15 min train ride via the Hida 6 Limited Express (bound for Nagoya).

Looking for Hida access info? Consult our access guide.

Location & Surroundings

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