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Road Station Sky Dome Kamioka View Photos

Road Station Sky Dome Kamioka

道の駅 スカイドーム神岡

Road Station Sky Dome Kamioka can provide travelers with information on Hida’s famous places and historic sites, as well as year-round events, and other sightseeing opportunities in the surrounding area. 

While you visit Sky Dome Kamioka, you can rest at the spacious break corner. Enjoy a light meal of udon, soba, Hida-beef skewers, or soft-serve ice cream; or, if you’re looking for something a bit heavier, try the restaurants on the first floor that make special use of local Hida ingredients. Shop at the special product corner where you can find some of Hida’s specialty products, like Hoba miso or Okuhida ramen, that can make an ideal souvenir.

Road Station Sky Dome Kamioka

Finally, don't miss the Hida Space Science Museum Kamioka Lab. Explore the research of Professor Koshiba who won the Nobel Peace Prize regarding his work on neutrinos. The lab is attached to the road station and makes for an enjoyable (and free) learning experience as you take a break and discover more about these mysterious particles of the universe.

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Located along Highway 471

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