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Hida Kawai Ski Resort View Photos

Hida Kawai Ski Resort


Perfect for advanced skiers, beginners, children and skiers from all competency levels, Hida Kawai Ski Resort is well worth exploring. With 100 percent natural snow and a diverse range of slopes which afford some stunning scenery of the Hida area of Gifu, this is a must for any skiers or outdoor enthusiasts.

The charmingly named Cupid House can host 300 people for dinner, an equipment rental area, a break room, changing rooms and restrooms for all visitors. Expect some hearty food in the restaurant such as piping hot ramen, and young kids can play to their heart's content in the kids room.

Hida Kawai Ski Resort is a great location for skiing, relaxing and experiencing the hospitality and warm welcome of Hida.

Essential Information


One Day Pass:

  • Adult: ¥3,650 (weekend/holidays), ¥1,850 (weekdays)
  • Child*: ¥2,150 (weekend/holidays), ¥1,150 (weekdays)

*Elementary school age and under.




25 min drive from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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