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Rail Mountain Bike: Gattan Go View Photos

Rail Mountain Bike: Gattan Go

レールマウンテンバイク ガッタンゴー

Gattan-go is a unique attraction created by Hida locals that combines mountain biking and formerly used railway tracks. Feel the speed and sounds of the rail as you travel through forests, cross bridges over fast-flowing rivers, and pass through dark tunnels.

Although the Kamioka Railway ceased operation years ago, the railway tracks themselves have been maintained and restored for this one of a kind experience that is both safe and fun for couples, friends and families.

Two electric-assist mountain bikes are secured to the train tracks via guide rollers, with the rig also providing optional seating for a third member to join the journey. Thanks to the electric assist, the experience is gentle enough for most travelers, providing a light and refreshing outdoor exercise on a mostly straight course with few hills. The picturesque ride sees you surrounded by mountains, rivers, and greenery, and offers riders unique perspectives of the land as they pedal through tunnels and over bridges.

The session includes a brief training session and groups depart about once an hour with a guide at the front and rear of the travelers. There is a Town Course for beginners and a more adventurous Canyon Course (participants must be over elementary school age). The Machinaka course can accommodate large groups while both run for about about 60–75 minutes.

Both courses are loops, with Town Course starting and ending at Okuhida Onsen-guchi terminal station and Canyon Course starting and ending at Urushiyama Station. The Town Course is slightly shorter and less physically demanding than the Canyon Course.

Reservations are not required, but highly recommended.

Rail Mountain Bike: Gattan Go

Essential Information


Town Course: 2,700 to 10,600 yen (3,200 yen for 2 people using a hybrid bike)
Canyon Course: 5,200 yen for 2 or 3 people

Fees vary depending on the type of bike and number of people.


Times depend on the day of the week and the season:

  • Apr–Sep: 9am–4:30pm
  • Oct–Nov: 9am–3:30pm

On shortened business days, the times are 10am–2:30pm


Closed on Wednesdays.


By Bus: Nohi Bus offers packages for travel to Gattan-go that bundle the bus and taxi fees. The bus departs from either the Takayama or Hirayu Bus Terminal. From Takayama, transfer to a taxi at Kamioka Eigyosho (for Town and Canyon Courses). From Hirayu, transfer to a taxi at Kamioka Eigyosho (for Town Course) or KyuOkuhidaOnsenguchi (for Canyon Course). Details.

See the official site for more access details.

Location & Surroundings

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