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FabCafe Hida

FabCafe Hida

The FabCafe digital creative cafe concept first arrived back in 2012 when its inaugural branch opened in Tokyo’s Shibuya. It revolutionised what to expect from the standard cafe experience and is now a global franchise, bringing with it a whole host of 3D printers and laser cutters in tow.

What do you fab?
What do you fab?

Conceived by the Loftwork creative agency, FabCafe is inspired by MIT’s Neil Gershenfeld whose ‘FabLab’ (digital fabrication laboratories) concept described places that bring together people, ideas and technology to invent and fabricate things quickly and cheaply.

FabCafe Hida

Hida’s own FabCafe opened in the spring of 2016, in a beautifully renovated old Japanese house (kominka) — a former sake brewery and woodworking studio whose character has been faithfully preserved. It has inherited both the property’s traditional aesthetics and creative DNA, making it a launchpad for local experimenters and hobbyists alike, while offering stays, workshops and training camps — not to mention a great cup of coffee and canelé.

FabCafe Hida

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Wi-Fi Available
Dietary halal Halal-friendly

A 7-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

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