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みだらしだんご ~岡田屋~

Okadaya is a charming souvenir shop and restaurant in central Hida Furukawa. Its traditional wooden facade blends seamlessly with Furukawa’s old town atmosphere, with travelers and residents alike irresistibly drawn to the shop’s cobblestone entrance thanks to some scintillating aromas sweeping through Hida’s nearby streets.

The most popular menu item here is Hida beef skewers, Kushiyaki, grilled in a special sauce that enhances the rich flavor of the meat and perfect as a snack-to-go. Okadaya also serves other mouthwatering eats such as Midarashi-dango (skewered rice dumplings lathered in a sweet soy sauce glaze) and Gohei-mochi (grilled sticky rice served on a stick).

After visitors satisfy their hunger with Okadaya’s traditional Japanese snacks, they can peruse the shop’s Hida-centric souvenirs, which features items related to the popular anime movie, Your Name, among others.

With affordable prices and on-the-go skewered food offerings, Okadaya is the perfect spot for visitors to grab a quick—and authentically Japanese—bite while exploring the town.


Essential Information

Price range

Skewered Hida-beef: 350 yen
Midarashi-dango: 60 yen
Gohei mochi: 150 yen




Okadaya is a 6-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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