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Fox Wedding Festival View Photos

Fox Wedding Festival


The unique Fox Wedding Festival (Kitsune-bi Matsuri) tells the revival of fairy-tale “Sunshower” and is held on the 4th Saturday of September annually. Sunshower, which refers to rainfall on a sunny day, is a natural phenomenon that spawned the folktale, "The Fox's Wedding." In this tale, sly foxes created rain on a sunny day to trick humans into staying inside so they could hold their wedding ceremony.

The procession by foxes (people wearing fox’s make-up) walking through the darkness of the town solemnly can be seen, who head to a wedding venue after an encounter between fox’s bride and groom at Festival Plaza.

It is said that seeing the procession gives a divine blessing for “rich harvest” ”safety of own family” and “prosperity in business”.

Fox Wedding Festival

Participants can wear fox make-up for free, so why not enjoy this festival with the locals together?

Essential Information

Dates are yet to be confirmed. Please check official sites before heading to an event.

Dates 25th September 2022, 12:00am

Location & Surroundings

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