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Yoshiki no Sato Furukawa View Photos

Yoshiki no Sato Furukawa


Constructed in 1870, Yoshiki no Sato is a beautiful example of local Hida architecture and has been used as a cultural facility for the last decade.

Staying in this historically important structure gives visitors a glimpse into the past and a rich appreciation of traditional Gifu and Japanese culture and traditions. Although housing a private accommodation at Dainichi no Yado, the Yoshiki no Sato complex and its various facilities including restaurants are open for use.

With a Japanese garden and curious nooks and crannies, the structure and overall complex is worth exploring and can open your eyes to how architecture and materials have shaped the way of life in such communities for centuries.

Essential Information

  • Mother House (Old Sato House): 200 yen (free for Junior High Students or younger)
  • Dozo Museum of Art 10am–4pm: 500 yen
  • Mother House (Old Sato House): 10am–4pm
  • Dozo Museum of Art: 10am–4pm
  • La Cime: 11:30am–9pm



Six minute drive from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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