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Santera Mairi Festival


The Santera Mairi Festival, literally "Three Temple Visit," is held annually on January 15th and known as one of Hida Furukawa's top festivals.

Traditionally, it was used as an event for young men and women to meet but today, the event is seen as more of a temple pilgrimage. People visit Hida's three main temples of Enkoji, Honkoji, and Shinshuji to pray for fortune in their relationships.

Hundreds of snow candles and lanterns are lit across town from 4pm, including along the Seto River, creating a romantic, warm atmosphere against the cold winter night. Candles used in this festival are locally produced Warosoku Japanese candles made by Mishima, who also makes a special giant 13kg candle for the event. Red and white candles that align the Seto River can be added by visitors too — those who pray for fortune in new relationships light white candles, while those who have seen success light red candles.

During the festival, you can visit the central Monzen-ichi market stalls at Festival Square (12pm–9pm), to try some local favorite foods, like Hida beef croquettes, Hida beef curry, grilled/salted trout or gohei-mochi rice sticks. It is popular to rent a kimono to dress up during a walk around the traditional downtown area of Hida.

Essential Information

Dates are yet to be confirmed. Please check official sites before heading to an event.

Dates 15th January 2023, 12:00am

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