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Enkoji Temple


Enko-ji is one of Furukawa’s three main temples and conveniently located about 5 minutes from Hida-Furukawa Station. The temple’s rustic wooden buildings, bountiful nature, and close proximity to the Seto Canal create a picturesque scene that matches the quaint ruralness of Hida Furukawa. 

Enkoji Temple

A unique aspect of Enkoji is the turtle carvings located under the roof ridges on both sides of the main hall. These turtles, known as ‘water-calling turtles’ to the locals, are said to have protected the temple from the Furukawa Great Fire of 1904, which burned down most of the town. The temple’s gate is also significant as the structure is said to have once been the gate of the nearby Masushima Castle.

Enkoji Temple

Hida celebrates Enkoji Temple annually with its winter tradition called Santera Mairi. On January 15th, locals and visitors alike walk along the town’s candlelit streets and canals and visit Enkoji, Honkoji, and Shinshuji temples to commemorate Shinran Shonin, the founder of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist path. Though now, the event’s main focus is on relationship prosperity. This celebration is a perfect event to introduce travellers to the rich culture and beauty of Hida's Furukawa area.

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Enkoji is about a 5 minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

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