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3-Day Regional Highlights of Hida

3-Day Regional Highlights of Hida

The Hida region in Gifu prefecture is a popular destination for travellers looking for a mix of traditional culture and natural environments. Follow this scenic route through the region and learn how to combine a trip to Hida Furukawa with other regional highlights, like Shirakawa-go and Takayama.

Route Overview

Suggested Time
3 days
By Bus

Day 1: Shirakawa-go (AM)

Day 1: Shirakawa-go (AM)

Discover traditional thatched roof houses at this UNESCO site to the west of Hida City. This culture property features several villages in the Shogawa River Valley area in the remote regions of Gifu and Toyama prefectures. The Ogimachi area is considered the largest village in Shirakawa-go.

Recommended sights

Wada House

Wada House is the largest gassho-style house in the Shirakawa-go area, beautifully preserved in its traditional state.

Tenshukaku Observatory

Walk up to this high viewpoint offering clear views over the Shirakawa-go valley and its beautiful rural landscape.

Shirakawa Kaido Street

This is the main street within Shirakawa-go's Ogimachi Village area. You can find many souvenir shops here, as well as the Shirakawago-no-yu hot...

Nohi Bus operates several bus routes that connect Shirakawa-go with Takayama. The ride lasts 50 min and costs 2,400 yen one-way. (Get directions)

Day 1: Takayama (PM)

Day 1: Takayama (PM)

Explore the beautiful old town district of Gifu's Takayama which features a number of preserved streets and buildings dating as far back as the Edo Period.

Takayama Old Town

Enjoy walking around this traditional district full of narrow roads and beautifully preserved buildings.

15 minute train ride along the JR Hida/Takayama line (Get directions)

Day 2: Hida

Day 2: Hida

If staying in Takayama, don't miss the opportunity to see the local Miyagawa Morning Market before catching the train a few stops to Hida. Once you're here, explore the Hida-Furukawa old town by foot, taking the temples, shrines and local sake breweries.

Miyagawa Morning Market

This morning market, or asaichi, is held daily alongside the Miyagawa River (near old town) from 8am. Expect to see a range of local crafts and fresh...

Shinshuji Temple

The temple sits along the Araki River in Furukawacho Sannomachi and is a short 10-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station. The muted wooden tones of the...

Honkoji Temple

Honkoji Temple, located alongside the Araki River and a 5-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station, is an architectural feat of carpentry. The temple’s...

Keta Wakamiya Shrine

One of Gifu's most celebrated shrines is the majestic Keta Wakamiya Shrine which is also known as Sugimoto-sama to locals. Keta Wakamiya Shrine...

Watanabe Sake Brewery

Surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges and blessed with a supply of some of the purest water in Japan, Watanabe Sake Brewery (established in 1870) is...

Kaba Sake Brewery

Due to the geography of Hida, surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges, the quality of rice and sake due to the pure mountain water is known as being some...

Yoshiki no Sato Furukawa

Constructed in 1870, Yoshiki no Sato is a beautiful example of local Hida architecture and has been used as a cultural facility for the last decade. Staying...

30 minute by car or taxi from the Hida-Furukawa area to Kamioka. (Get directions)

Day 3: Hida's Kamioka Area

Day 3: Hida's Kamioka Area

Get to know another side of Hida with a trip to Kamioka. From hilltop history and views at the Kamioka Castle site, or learn about neutrinos at the Kamioka Lab experience.

Rail Mountain Bike: Gattan Go

Gattan-go is a unique attraction created by Hida locals that combines mountain biking and formerly used railway tracks. Feel the speed and sounds o...

Hida Space Science Museum KamiokaLab

Hida Space Science Museum KamiokaLab is a museum in central Kamioka town that introduces visitors to the science of neutrinos and the research activity...

Kamioka Castle (Takahara Folk Museum)

Kamioka Castle is located on the grounds of the Takahara Folk Museum upon a hilltop overlooking the streets of Kamioka. The castle’s story started...

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