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Tanekura in Miyagawacho View Photos

Tanekura in Miyagawacho


In the wilds of Gifu, in the Miyagawacho district, tucked away in the rugged mountains is the small town of Tanekura.

Famous for its itakura warehouses where traditionally, food was stored for villagers in case the houses went on fire. These are now protected as structures of historical and architectural importance.

The views of the rice terraces and myriad of flora and fauna makes Tanekura an essential destination for wildlife enthusiasts and those looking for some peace and quiet. With only a few houses and one guesthouse, Tanekura is tranquil but, in autumn, affords some spectacular views of koyo (autumn leaves) which makes any visit during that season well worth it. 

Essential Information


40 minute drive north of Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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