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Gosho Sakura


Every year, to the north of the main Hida Furukawa area, Miyagawa River’s banks bloom with dozens of cherry blossom trees. Visitors and locals alike flock to the tree-lined paths along the water to observe the pastel flowers. The scene is the epitome of springtime, complete with pink blossoms, greenery, and an occasional shower of petals.

The bright daytime view is stunning, but the scene transforms as the sun goes down and illuminates the trees. The soft petals seemingly glow against the night sky, and on windless nights, visitors are treated to a truly mesmerizing visual when the river’s still water reflects the rows of cherry blossoms like a mirror.

Another popular, nearby viewing spot is Saikoji Temple thanks to its incredible weeping cherry blossoms. Saikoji is conveniently only a few minutes walk from Sugisaki Station. The hundreds of tiny flowers cascading from the trees like pink waterfalls are a magical sight.

The best time to observe the cherry blossoms is from mid to late April, making it a memorable way to celebrate the new season.

Gosho Sakura

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6pm–10pm (illumination hours)


Gosho Sakura is a 5-minute walk from Sugisaki Station.

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