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Ikegahara Wetland View Photos

Ikegahara Wetland


Ikegahara Wetland is an expansive marsh located in Okuhida Sugo Nagareha Prefectural Park and is designated as a natural monument of the Gifu Prefecture. This unique ecosystem shines with natural beauty year-round, attracting visitors during spring, summer, and autumn. The road to the marsh is closed during wintertime. For the majority of the year, visitors can explore Ikegahara by walking on a hiking trail along the outside of the marsh (60 minutes) or a wooden boardwalk that goes through the marsh (30 minutes). Both paths provide visitors different perspectives of the beautiful scenery.

The most coveted time to visit the park is springtime. As the snow starts to melt and winter gives way to spring, Ikegahara blossoms with thousands of white Mizubasho and yellow Ryuukinka flowers. These bright blooms seemingly glow against the environment’s earthy tones, creating a truly stunning scene. The best time for visitors to admire this congregation of flowers is from late April to early May. Although springtime is a popular time to visit, Ikegahara is still a relaxing getaway during the remaining months. In summer, the wetland’s cool breeze offers visitors refuge from the heat, and during autumn, warm colored foliage decorates the area.

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Essential Information


Donations are encouraged to help support the local environment.


Closed during winter (Late Nov to mid-April)


The most direct route to the Ikegahara Wetland is by car via Route 360. From Hida-Furukawa Station, the drive is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and from Utsubo Station, the drive is about 40 minutes.

Location & Surroundings

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