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Amou Prefectural Nature Park & Marshlands View Photos

Amou Prefectural Nature Park & Marshlands


As Hida is lucky enough to be surrounded by bountiful nature and verdant scenery, it comes as no surprise that there is also a lush nature park located in the region. Amou Prefectural Nature Park and Marshlands is, ostensibly, a paradise of trees and flowers which stimulates the five senses.

It's located on the border between Kawai Town, Hida City and Shirakawa Village and is actually closed due to snow for half of the year.

From June—immediately after the snow melts—until mid-October, visitors can see seasonal flowers and fauna. Visiting in October also has the benefit of witnessing the beauty and vibrancy of the multicolored autumn leaves.

Deep within Amou Prefectural Natural Park is a primeval beech forest which circles a mysterious swamp. Visitors to the area can see a grouping of huge Katsura trees, which is known locally as Katsura Gate. Other must-visit spots include Kidaira Marsh and Mount Mominuka, which offers dramatic views of the Northern Alps.

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50 min drive from Hida-Furukawa Station

Location & Surroundings

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