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Soba and Medical Herb Cafe OHAKO View Photos

Soba and Medical Herb Cafe OHAKO


Ohako specializes in medicinal herb-based dishes and handmade soba noodles which use local buckwheat flour. 

The cafe’s soft pastel exterior is a unique landmark on the streets of Hida Furukawa, and gives visitors a glimpse into the unique food offerings within. Inside, the cafe’s warm aesthetic further elevates the cozy café vibes.

Ohako’s soba noodles are served simply with a flavorful dipping sauce that allows the nutty and earthy flavor of the buckwheat flour to shine through. Another popular dish is the medicinal herb lunch plate. This dish combines locally grown herbs and ingredients with rice, soup, and meat to create an aromatic dish that is in harmony with one’s body. Guests can also enjoy herb-infused drinks such as coffee (using peaberry beans) and tea, which pair perfectly with a slice of the cafe’s fresh Sigesbeckia-infused cake. 

With its focus on locally sourced herbs and ingredients, Ohako creates a stimulating eating experience that caters to visitors’ sense of smell and taste. Free Wi-Fi is also available, which is a convenient amenity for travelers planning their day in the town.

Outside Ohako
Outside Ohako

Essential Information

Price range

Prices range from about 750 to 1,500 yen


11:00am–3pm (stop serving meals at 2pm)


Closed Mondays

Wi-Fi Available
Dietary vegan Vegan

Ohako is about a 5-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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