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Sanchu Washi


Sanchu Washi is a paper mill with 800 years of history known for specializing in producing Japanese washi paper using the Kozo no Yukizarashi (コウゾの雪晒し) technique. 

The papermakers use snow—abundant in this area during Hida’s cold winters—to bleach the kozo (mulberry) bark leading to its natural texture and beautiful appearance.

Sanchu Washi

Individuals interested in learning about Kozo no Yukizarashi can visit Inaka Kogeikan, a nearby crafts museum that was created to protect and convey this local production technique which has been in gradual decline. They offer paper-making classes, as well as provide information about the art that seeks to immortalize the tradition through education of future generations. 

The scenic countryside of Hida is the perfect backdrop for the cultural learning process and immerses visitors in an unforgettable learning experience.

Sanchu Washi

Essential Information


Inaka Kogeikan:

  • Free admission
  • 500 yen per person for Kamisuki paper experience (reservation required)



4-minute drive from Tsunogawa Station

Location & Surroundings

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