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Hida Nagareha Auto Camping Ground View Photos

Hida Nagareha Auto Camping Ground


This full-scale auto campsite is surrounded by a lovely birch forest that overlooks the magnificent Northern Alps mountain range. This camping ground is located in the Hida Nagareha Recreation Park. Enjoy being in the midst of nature throughout the year. 

In addition to the automobile campsite, there are large and small cottages and barbeque facilities for rental. Rent tents, lanterns, bed rolls, and other camping supplies. This is both a popular destination retreat and a great accommodation that couples or families will surely love.

You can also relax in the nearby hot springs at Nagareha Onsen Neutrino; here, the waters are both curative and rejuvenating. Begin your sightseeing trip to Hida from this great natural location that is removed from the busy streets of the city.


  • Check-in: 3pm / Check-out: 10am

Auto Camping Ground:

  • Check-in: 2pm / Check-out: 11am
  • Only available from later April to October

Closed Tuesdays except during ski season

Essential Information

  • Auto camping site: 5,230 yen
  • Cottages: From 12,570 yen
Check-in 3pm
Check-out 10am

20 minutes by car from Hida-Furukawa Station

Location & Surroundings

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