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Nagareha M Plaza Hot Spring Neutrino View Photos

Nagareha M Plaza Hot Spring Neutrino

流葉温泉 ニュートリノ

Under a unique steep pitched roof, find a world of comfort at your disposal. Soak away your worries and aches in an assortment of baths, ranging from a large public bath, natural hot spring, open-air rotemburo bath with a stunning view, sauna, jacuzzi, and other facilities. With its high ceilings, the public bathing areas feel spacious and open.

Part of the Hida Ryuha Ski Resort, a second-floor connecting entrance allows tired and weary skiers and snowboarders convenient access to the hot spring. Ease yourself into these hot waters to warm away from the snowy chill of the slopes. Enjoy toasting your toes in front of the fireplace sitting area or relax in the break room. 

These simple alkaline hot spring waters are great for warming up your joints and muscles, not to mention experiencing the water’s other benefits. Ease away your fatigue or find peace from neuralgia, arthritis, or perhaps just appreciate the gentle effect the water has on your skin. You’ll want to go out into the snow again just so you can enjoy a bath all over again!

Essential Information

  • Adults: 620 yen
  • Elementary school students: 410 yen
  • Under elementary school age: free
  • 10am–9pm
  • 12:30pm–9pm (Tuesdays)

Closed Tuesdays outside of ski season.


30 minutes by car from Hida-Furukawa Station

Location & Surroundings

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