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Hida Furukawa Youth Hostel


Hida Furukawa Youth Hostel (YH) offers guests convenient and affordable lodging. The large, rustic building stands in Hida’s countryside, surrounded by greenery and mountainous nature. There are separate rooms for men, women, and families. The hostel provides guests with comfortable accommodation to ensure that they have a rejuvenating evening, night, and morning, before sending them out to explore the area during the day. Please note that the hostel is closed daily from 9:30am to 4pm, and unmarried couples are required to stay in separate rooms.

During winter, the hostel attracts visitors with its Telemark skiing experience. Guests can partake in a half-day or full-day skiing excursion complete with rentals and lessons. The hostel also offers snowshoe rentals for individuals looking to walk through the snowy environment. Regardless of the time of year, Hida Furukawa Youth Hostel creates a welcoming sense of community among travellers by successfully refueling them before their next adventure.

Essential Information


Room rates (inc. tax) for one night:

  • Without meals: 4,200 yen
  • With breakfast: 4,800 yen

An additional heating fee of 300 yen from Nov 1st to Mar 30th.

Check-in 4pm
Check-out 10am

A 16-minute walk from Hida-Hosoe Station. If guests arrive at the station after 6pm, the hostel can pick them up.

Location & Surroundings

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