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Masushima Castle Ruins View Photos

Masushima Castle Ruins


For fans of Japanese history, Hida is a fascinating subject and location of many interesting and exciting battles and stories which live on in the ruins and nooks and crannies of the city today. Located on the site of Furukawa Elementary School, those with a keen interest in ruins will come across the remains of Masushima Castle, a lowland castle built by Nagachika Kanamori with Arishige Kanamori serving as the first feudal lord. 

It currently only survives as a stone wall in the school grounds with a turret and other parts remaining in the Masushima Tenman Shrine and Okurainari Shrine which is situated next to it. With castle ruins, shrines and mystery, it's a great historical excursion and one which positions visitors close to the innate history and energy which remains in the area today.

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Open 24 hours


5 mins from Hida-Furukawa Station

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