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Kobai is an izakaya situated in the heart of Hida Furukawa and an excellent spot for visitors looking for a fun time! The traditionally decorated interior complete with wooden detailing, shoji windows, floor seating, and oriental artwork creates an immersive experience in itself. 

Kobai’s fresh seafood, which includes sashimi, as well as grilled and tempura fish, is considered popular here as well as several Hida beef menu items and local classic, Tsukemono Steak.

Customers can also sample the izakaya’s wide variety of local sake — which pairs well with the white shrimp tempura and is popular with local residents.

Unwind after a day of exploration at this local izakaya — grab some friends or make some new ones at Kobai, and enjoy the casual energy of Hida’s nightlife.

Kobai Izakaya

Essential Information




Closed on Sundays, but a reservation is possible.
Please note that a reservation is required for 5 people or more during the day.


3-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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