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Hida Local Experience

HIDA LOCAL EXPERIENCE is a company that offers private bike tours, snowscoot lessons, sake tasting, and fishing tours in Hida and Takayama.

The company’s focus on private tours led by experienced local guides create unique and intimate experiences in the regions’ lesser known areas, and the tours’ easily accessible starting locations ensure that participants can enjoy the activities care-free from start to finish.

The company’s bike tours, some of which include E-Bikes (electric bikes), take guests through Hida’s countryside, highlighting local neighborhoods, mesmerizing nature, mountain top views, and much more. The E-Bikes electrical assistance helps guests leisurely observe the surrounding scenery.

During wintertime, visitors can check out the Snowscoot tour. This one-of-a-kind learning experience introduces guests to the unique snow activity, which is like a scooter for the snow! Snowscooting is reportedly easier than skiing or snowboarding and is an excellent way to experience Hida or Takayama’s mountains.

The sake tasting tour is a perfect activity for alcohol connoisseurs. This hour and a half experience provides guests six different types of sake and three small local dishes. For an additional fee, guests can also enjoy a Hida beef meal. It's held in neighboring Takayama.

For the outdoorsy type, a relaxing tour option is the fishing tour. During this excursion, an experienced fisherman will guide participants to the best fishing spots along the areas’ rivers. The tour also provides an authentic Japanese lunch that guests can enjoy beside the water.

Essential Information


Prices per person:

  • Bike tours: 6,000–10,000 yen
  • Snowscoot tour & lesson: 6,500 yen (half day)
  • Sake tasting: 3,000 yen (6,000 yen paired with Hida beef)
  • Fishing tour: 13,000 yen

Hours/availability depend on the season and tour.


HIDA LOCAL EXPERIENCE office is located a 2 minutes walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Note: the Snowscoot and fishing tours offer hotel pick-ups (if staying in Furukawa/Takayama areas). Sake tasting is held at Kanoya Restaurant in Takayama (9 min walk from station).

Location & Surroundings

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