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Bistro Chez Bois

ビストロ シェ・ボア

Chez Bois is a French restaurant in Kamioka-cho that uses Hida’s seasonal and local ingredients to craft its European-style dishes.

Guests will feel as if they stepped off the streets of Japan into a bistro in Paris. The restaurant’s interior of warm wood tones, soft lighting, and collection of wine bottles perfectly complements the elegance of its lunch and dinner time options.

The refined dishes are visually stunning and focus on highlighting the flavors of Hida’s fresh ingredients, including mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, fish, and meat.

The attention to detail in Chez Bois, from its interior design to its plating and flavors, creates a French experience where guests can unwind in a relaxing atmosphere with exquisite food.

Please note that reservations are required. 

Bistro Chez Bois

Essential Information

Price range
  • Lunch from 700 yen
  • Dinner from 5,500 yen
  • Lunch: 11:30am–2pm
  • Dinner: 6pm–9:30pm

The most direct route to Chez Bois is via a rental car as public transportation is sparse in Kamioka-cho, Hida City. From Hida-Furukawa, Station, the car ride is about 30 minutes via Route 41.

If you are in the area for the Gattan-go rail mountain bike experience and traveling via the Nohi Bus, Chez Bois is only a 3-minute walk from the Nohi Bus Kamioka Eigyosho stop, which has connections to Takayama and Hirayu Bus Terminals. 

Location & Surroundings

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