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Omuraya Ryokan


Located directly in front of Hida-Furukawa Station, Omuraya Ryokan is an affordable inn that is ideal for visitors looking to explore Hida Furukawa.

The ryokan’s prime position is within walking distance of many of the area’s popular destinations and restaurants. Aside from its convenience, this picturesque, five-bedroom ryokan has a simply beautiful wooden aesthetic characteristic found in traditional ryokan. The Japanese-styled rooms come with common cultural amenities such as slippers, yukata (cotton robe), futon, and tea sets to create a rejuvenating environment for travel-weary guests.

During their stay, guests can also refuel with Omuraya’s delicious home-style Japanese cooking. The ryokan offers no meal, one meal, two-meal, and vegetarian options. With Omuraya Ryokan’s charming Japanese hospitality, guests can continue their cultural experience of Hida Furukawa even after they finish their sightseeing adventures for the day.

Essential Information


Room rates for one night from 4,500 yen (excludes tax)

Check-in 3pm
Check-out 10am
Wi-Fi Available

Location & Surroundings

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