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Handwoven Studio YUHKOUBOU View Photos

Handwoven Studio YUHKOUBOU


Handwoven Studio YUHKOUBOU is known for its hand-woven and hand-dyed products. It offers an interactive learning experience that teaches guests about these traditional processes. Conveniently located about a five-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station, YUHKOUBOU’s simple yet mesmerizing craftsmanship epitomizes Hida Furukawa’s quaint town vibes.

The studio is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that guide visitors along a stone path to its wooden entrance. It is a national Registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Inside the studio is where the true magic occurs, where handmade textiles—including their trademarked 'Hida-kanton' pattern—are diligently weaved and then naturally dyed using medicinal dyes local to Hida.

Handwoven Studio YUHKOUBOU

For visitors who choose to partake in the studio’s learning experience, experts will guide them through a calming lesson of weaving and dying, and at the end, participants will leave with their own handmade cloth. Please note that the studio recommends visitors make reservations for classes at least one day before their desired times. The experience provides guests with a glimpse into the studio’s work and highlights the dedication that is woven into every weft of its products.

Essential Information


2,900 yen for dying and weaving experience




Closed one to two days a month


Yuhkoubou Handwoven Studio is a 5-minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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