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Yamanomura Camping Ground View Photos

Yamanomura Camping Ground


Camping and conversing with nature are very popular in Japan with many urban dwellers seeking a bit of rest and recuperation from the stresses of everyday life in Japan's big cities. Located in the beautiful Kamioka region of eastern Hida in Gifu Prefecture is the stunning Yamanomura Camping Ground which is deep in the mountains and sits at an impressive 1,000 meters altitude. 

Cottages and bungalows are available for stays (advance booking), as well as the conjoined Yugao no Eki restaurant which, as well as serving great soba and tempura, acts as the campsite’s main office and a souvenir shop. Applications to camp in tents can be made on arrival.

With easily accessible and well-signposted roads and surrounded by birch and beech forests, it's a beautiful and natural setting well worth your time. 

Located at the foot of Mount Tengai, the campground can also be used as a base for mountaineering and mountain stream fishing so will naturally appeal to those with keen interest in the outdoors. 

Essential Information


Closed during the winter season, early Nov–late April


60-minute drive from Hida-Furukawa Station.

Location & Surroundings

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