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Ninomae Shokudo


Shokudo are one of Japan's culinary unsung heroes. Essentially casual dining restaurants or canteens which serve a variety of inexpensive Japanese and occasionally other Asian dishes, they are popular and serve a role in every community. 

Ninomae Shokudo, situated near the banks of the Araki River, serves a delicious array of homemade meals such as hearty soups, noodles, and Chinese soba (ramen, 700 yen) which is something of a specialty for this store. Regulars and locals are always keen on the daily set meal (higawari teishoku, 600 yen) which changes from day to day.

Ninomae Shokudo is a charming and local place to rest and recuperate after sightseeing and won't break the bank. A place to meet regulars and locals and try out regular and everyday Japanese food in an authentic setting.

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